Saturday Afternoon

10:43 AM

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Last Saturday Kyle and I headed down to to the Tiger's Stadium Dog Party with Louie, and it was Kyle's first time there. While I was distracted by all of the cute pups, Kyle kept saying "I am standing in left field!", it was kind of adorable. We finally got to meet our friend Mike's dog, Clark, while we were there, and that was pretty awesome. Louie sniffed a lot of butts that day.

After, we picked up some shawarma (because delicious) and decided that walking around our neighborhood is awesome, but repetitive. So, we headed to Belle Isle. It was a great day for it, despite the wind, and Louie had the chance to bark at a lot of birds, so that was nice.

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I guess I am not an official "street style" blogger until there is a picture of me in ripped-up leggings, and the sweater I wore the past three nights in a row floating around the internet. Wow. Much class. 

We also stopped off at the Heildelberg project, and although it was sad to see so many of the iconic houses gone (if you click the link to the website, you can read the story in full), it was still looking pretty good. I tend to forget how close this place is to my work, so that means I should stop by more often. 

It was one of those weekends where we had a million plans/chores and blowing everything off to spend a few hours together was a better idea. I have had loads of energy, and motivation lately, and it seems that all I really want to do is tackle project after project, but sometimes my mind needs to slow down, enjoy some good food, and great company with the two who are the closes to me. Spontaneity, that is what weekends are for, correct? 

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14 Musings

  1. Looks like you had wonderful weather to be out and about doing stuff like that on Saturday! The Heidleberg project looks really neat too!

  2. It looks like a great outing and just perfect to be spontaneous and spend time together. Your Kyle is quite adorable.

    That Heidleberg project looks fun! It's so nice when older neighbourhoods get revitalized in some way including funky fun ways.

  3. What an awesome outing Sara! Your pictures are so cool, I felt I was there. A beautiful day! Glad you guys had a great time. That polka dot house is fun! What a mind trip.

  4. Its always interesting to see the history America has being so old. Australia's history is never as interesting. Love the picture's. would love to see them in person one day.


  5. What an awesome weekend! Great you took Louie with you!

  6. Wow, what a cool project you spoke of! Looks like you guys had a wonderful spring weekend!

  7. Cool. That's a great life you guys are leading. We all benefit from time off from chores to refresh our spirits.

  8. OMG the last 3-4 picks...don't they remind you of that scene from Harriet the Spy when they visit Ole Golly's friend? The place where they take soda bottles off the tree, shake them up, and make wishes? LOVE!!


  9. Dog party sounds awesome! I love dogs so much, so such event would make me feel really happy!

  10. Awe! This looks like a great time! Looks like great weather! You look cute!!


  11. I love those weekends where you abandon chores and just hang out!

  12. I don't have any ripped leggings, I'll never be street style... :( haha

    All the best adventures happen when you are blowing off work :)

  13. That house. O.o Oh my!!!


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