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10:30 AM


Huzzah! It is Friday! I feel like ever since we got back from Chicago, I have been going non-stop. I still have loads to do this weekend, starting with the laundry mat after work (excitement!), but I am looking forward to sleeping in. Because anything after 6 am counts as sleeping in, sad as that may be. 

Anywho, life update! Because of reasons!

Listening- Back in the spring of 2004, I started to get really into Tori Amos. By the end of the year, I had purchased all of her discography from the start of her career, until about up to 2005. So, usually around this time of year, I start pining for my Tori. I recently added "Little Earthquakes" to my iPod and have been listening to it almost daily.

I have also been listening to "Supernova" by Ray LaMontange on repeat. I think he is our generation's Rod Stewart, only folksy and, well, good. Anyway, this song sounds like a 60's pop song, and I'm completely smitten with it.


Eating- Pretty healthy, for the most part. We are also pretty broke at the moment, so I have been carefully planning, and cooking most of our meals. I have become a regular at the farmers market again, and it is the perfect time of year for it. We still eat out twice per week or so, but I think we have agreed that pizza is out of our diet for a while. Sadness.

Drinking- Beer! Although, I have cut back on beer considerably, however, this time of year is the start of baseball, which means Tigers, which means summer & beer! I have become quite addicted to ginger beer, Crabbie's is sold at a few stores near us, which usually means it ends up in our fridge. 

It is also the time of year for cold brew! Iced coffee is so delicious! I will occasionally add simple syrup to mine, even though adding anything to my coffee is very rare. COFFEE. 

Spring Cleaning- Yep, that is still happening. Kyle and I managed to get the gutters, and the front yard last Sunday, but we still have the backyard, side of the house, and the garage to do. Not to mention a few rooms in the house, and the basement to sort out. Oh, and then there is the actual cleaning part. I don't remember the last time I washed my kitchen floor (gross).

imageimage imageimage

Hanging out- As mentioned, it is baseball season! Also, last weekend I dragged two of my friends, Mariah, and Nicole out with me to Eastern Market because they had never been. Later, we met up with our other friend Maria, and her little one Serenity for some coffee, and it was a really great day! 

As much as I am a lover of autumn, I look forward to spring and summer because it means that there are more things to do with friends. Such as the farmers market, baseball games, festivals, getting coffee and being able to walk around outside with it, taking weekend trips with friends.  I do love our local dive bar, but it really is fun to do something other than sing terrible karaoke on the weekends. 


Walking- The guys and I are doing another weight-loss/step count competition, so I have been walking Louie every single day. I also babysit my little brother Liam, so I usually bribe him with a Slurpee to go with me. 

R&R- Because we have been so busy, I have had almost zero alone-time. Or, when I am alone, I am usually doing chores, fun stuff. A few weeks ago, I realized it had been over a month since I had more than an hour to myself, and for someone who needs time to recharge, that is grounds for a complete meltdown. So after running errands all morning, I decided to stop for coffee and read for a little while, and it was much needed.

I have also been trying my hardest to get to work on time, so I put new batteries in my clocky (loud bastard), and have been getting up at 6 am (sometimes 6:15 am, shhh) so that I can leave by 7:30 am. By getting up this early, I have been able to squeeze in some morning yoga, and it really helps to clear my head a little for the day. Then later at night, I have been drinking a cup of sleepy time tea, as well as taking melatonin to knock my ass out so that I get a good night's rest. So far, it is working pretty well and I have been less cranky, so win!

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11 Musings

  1. I love Tori's Little Earthquakes - I had that on constant repeat in college!

  2. Mm...that salad looks so good! Very cute pictures. I've also done a lot of spring cleaning, but since I give away and clean lots of times during the year, there wasn't so much work! Fun post, Sara!

  3. You once commented to one of my posts saying we're very similar and I've thought that before but after reading this post... We really are similar! I agree after a trip (even a weekend trip) you get behind on "life" aka chores. Those pictures are lovely!


  4. You sound so committed and organised! Way to go! I found that melatonin stopped working for me after awhile, but I have persistent sleep problems. You may find that once you get into a regular routine of bed at the same time each night and getting up at the same time, that you get to sleep more easily. And your alone time to recharge is really important so keep making sure you get some!

    Liam is a cutie!

  5. Baseball! Ginger beer! Sometimes, I'm grateful that you exist in the world. Your presence makes life more bearable for me.

  6. Oh, some great photos of the days past! I dunno how you do it. You do keep buys. I on the other hand..probably wind down tooo much.

    Happy Spring! Looks like a great start!

  7. I dunno if I've had ginger beer. I do like hard cider.

    Fantastic photos! Hope you have a great weekend.

  8. Oh, I have to listen to Supernova. Hanging out...something I wouldn't mind a bit of right now.


  9. I <3 ginger beer. Nothing beats homemade, but Bundaberg is also definitely drinkable.

    The last time I was visiting the Bay Area, my friend said I needed to listen to Tori Amos. I will start with the album you mentioned. :D

  10. You're handling it girl! I have to do my kitchen floor too. Ewww! LOL


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