Can't Start A Fire Without A Spark

11:00 AM

sweater2 sweater1

Things I love today:

-The obnoxious sweater in these pics.
-Waking up in time to do yoga. 
-Not having time to meditate, but doing it anyway. 
-This cover of "Dancing in the Dark".
-Outfit photos just after the rain. 
-The blisters on my hands after working in the yard last night. 
-The leftover perogies my mom made that I will eat with my soup for lunch today. 
-Sweet potatoes. 
-That I will run after work. 
-That I will take a walk with Louie and my little brother Liam after work. 
-That I will be conned into buying a slurpee for someone (Liam) after work. 
-The piping-hot sleepy time tea that I will drink 45 minutes before bed tonight. 
-Sleeping with the windows open. 

Vintage sweater-Rustbelt Market
Jeans-American Eagle Outfitters
Shoes & Jacket-Thrift Store
Necklace-Forever 21
Bag-Urban Outfitters 

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13 Musings

  1. I have to say I love the sweater! Not obnoxious at all! And I love the other things you love too - especially walking and running. And gentle rain!

  2. That is such a cute outfit, Sara! I love your sweater...awesome colors! I've tried sleeping with the windows opened, I guess it gets to cold for me. I love heat and sort of need heat...:P Anywho, loved the post! =D

  3. Nora does make a mean sweet potato taco!! And your sweater is not obnoxious at all, I love it!

  4. Someone has gotten super skinny and I am super jealous. I can't lay off the spicy nacho Doritos and the snickers!! :(

  5. My life is better because I know you. And the more I learn about your life, the happier I become.

  6. i love when the weather is great and you can sleep with the windows open. it feels so good. that's the cutest sweater sara!

  7. you look so spring-y! love your jacket. i remember coming home to the smell of tiff's sweet potato and black bean chili. haha

  8. I am in LOVE with this outfit! That sweater + jacket is adorable. And those jeans make your legs look amazing!!


  9. Awesome sweater! LOVE your hair!

  10. I'm in love with that sweater too. in the Dark! Always a classic.

    This week I watched a special on PBS about this one recording place..and it showed the Rolling Stones and how they felt about first listening to Wild Horses. It introduced me to that song ..all over again.

  11. I love this cute outfit and don't know why the sweater is obnoxious. It looks great on you!

  12. Your hair is looking splendid and very Sarah Jane Smith too! hehe. As in when hers would start growing in. I love the shirt! It is not obnoxious! More people should do outfit posts after the rain! I have done it before in the rain which ruined my hair! hehe. I hope you have been enjoying your runs and exercises.


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