Bathroom Update!

10:28 AM

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The bathroom was probably the only room in the house that didn't need any actual work, but it probably gets the most use after the kitchen, so it needs a little extra love! I did a post on the bathroom back in 2011, and nothing has really changed, but I feel like I have tweaked it enough to make it feel a little more cozy. 

Spring cleaning you guys! Yep, that is still going on. I have downsized a lot on the hair and beauty products, considering I was rocking pixie up until about five months ago. Where did all of that crap come from?! I don't even. ANYWAY, I can now close all of the cabinets nicely, AND, things don't fall out of them when I open them back up! Adulthood, I sometimes have it! I figured out a way to get all of the towels into the bathroom by rolling them up and stuffing them above the toilet. It adds some nice color, and as an added bonus, all of the rips and stains are less visible when they are stored like that (I don't know why our towels get so abused, it just happens). 

I brought in some more art because my dad likes to pawn things off on me, and the awesome 1960's looking flower things you see below used to be my Busia's (Great-Grandmother). I am not entirely sure why I took a picture of the soap other than to acknowledge that they both smell very nice, so, um, there. I don't think I am %100 sold on the shower curtain, I liked our old one soooooo much more, but my kitties also loved it and now it is dead. I do really love the giant, thick, grey rug that I bought and promptly forgot to photograph, so you are just going to have to trust me that it is fabulous. 

IMG_7210 IMG_7205 IMG_7207

Wire basket & hand towels-Target
Floral shower curtain-Target
Liquid soap-Whole Foods
Bar soap-Birchbox
Art-Hand me down
Owl wax burner-Partylite

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14 Musings

  1. It's so cute. I love the mix of clean and modern with 70s funk! I love the shower curtain.

  2. Your bathroom is so cute! I love your choice of storage containers - mason and apothecary jars!!


  3. Your bathroom is so cute! Mine looks like an old lady's bathroom - cause it's pink. Yep. It's awesome.

  4. Aw...that looks so pretty! What a pretty bathroom! You did a great job!

    Ashley B.

  5. looks very cute! I love the ads here, I feel like I could totally spend some time your bathroom simply enjoying the view

    Inside and Outside Blog

  6. It looks really cute and cosy. I like the shower curtain, but I don't know what your other one looked like. My cat is a bit hard on mine too so I don't have a special one at the moment. I don't know about you, but I tend to accumulate hair products when I am growing out a pixie-which I have done several times in my life. I suppose I am hoping for some sort of miraculous help with the horrible hair stage.

  7. I just finished reading and thought.. Dammit its 7:30am I should be driving to work but that's OK as it is Friday and I am happy that your blogs are cute :) anyway I should probably get dressed for work lol. :)

  8. DUDE - I HAVE NEVER SEEN LAVENDER MRS. MEYERS HAND SOAP ANYWHERE!! That little rant aside... Your bathroom is super adorable! I love all your little jars AND that Owl. LOVE THAT OWL!


  9. Hi Sara I like your bathroom.

    Hugs rose jp

  10. your bathroom is so you i love it! haha i really love the your set up!

  11. You do have a sweet bathroom with lots of great stuff in it. Oh..I really need to do something with ours. Its very drab.

  12. Definitely inspiring! Yes, those bathrooms do need love. Great post!

  13. love love love it! you roll towels the same way i do. everything has it's place. will be easy to keep everything organized. love the colors and that shower curtain. you go Sara!


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