Weekend In Chicago!

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If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I was in Chicago over the weekend. Hurray for spontaneous trips! Actually, my brother Mark wanted to go, as well as Kyle's brother Brian, but both had to cancel last-minute, so Kyle, Dan, and I went. Chicago isn't too far from Detroit, but we decided to skip the driving and take the train out this time around. I LOVE taking the train. We, as well as everyone else, totally snuck booze on board, and it was hilarious. Everyone was in a great mood, despite the fact that it took us a few hours to get there. 

We didn't do much the first night, we got to Union Station and were pretty hungry and tired, so we took a cab to the hotel, ordered a pizza and watched a movie. The next day, the guys didn't really care what we did, so I persuaded them to check out Jackson Park with me. I wanted to see Jackson Park because it was one area of Chicago that I had not seen yet, but also because I had just recently read "Devil in the White City" and wanted to see where the Chicago World's Fair had taken place. 

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There isn't much left of the World's Fair, as it took place in 1893 and most of it was meant to be temporary. However, there is still the Museum of Science and Industry (which we did not go into, sadly), as well as the Wooded Isle. The original Wooded Isle was destroyed during WWII due to racism, but has since been rebuilt. We walked through the nature trail, as well as the Japanese garden. Even though everything was dead (because who's idea was it to check out a park in the middle of winter?!) it was still very beautiful. 

After, we took a bus downtown and stopped for coffee and to check out The Bean in Millenium Park. It is called "Cloud Gate" or something lame like that, but everyone calls it the 'The Bean", even the security guards encouraged people to take selfies with the bean (we totally did). I really do like the shopping downtown, but since we are all watching the funds, we decided to skip the rest of downtown and instead catch up with our friend Jesse, who just moved to Chicago a couple of months ago from Michigan. 

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We had some amazing burgers/veggie burgers at a little local place over some pints, and then headed back to Jesse's apartment for a bit. It was so great to catch-up with him, as well as learn about more places of Chicago to check out (mostly food). As we were walking back to the brown line, we came across a couple of people out walking their adorable dogs, and of course it made me miss Louie, but it also made me want to move to Chicago. I of course want to move to every place I visit ever, so this isn't really shocking. After, we headed to Wrigglyville to watch basketball and have more beer. 

On Sunday, we got up early to check out Wicker Park, one of my favorite areas. We didn't take any pictures because we were really on a time restraint, but we took a bunch back in 2010 when Kyle and I went by ourselves. I am proud of myself for only picking up a few books, and one sweater, but then again we only had about two hours. Now, imagine if I had an entire day! Muwahahahahaha!

The ride home was grueling because we took the Mega Bus to save money and that bastard was PACKED. It was hot, the ride was looooong, and I mostly kept dosing off. Still, it was worth it for a quick little trip to an amazing city. 

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  1. Looks like a fun trip! We have a Megabus from here to Chicago too, I have friends that have used it and loved it. I'm hoping to pass through there at some point soon and recreate my husband's beer trip from last year. :)

  2. Looks like fun! I never been to Chicago before and would love to go check it out someday. :)

    xo - Sheila

  3. aw this look so fun. always wanted to go on a weekend trip to chicago. maybe one day.

  4. Random trips are the best! Love the way your beanie and scarf pop against the wintery background there :) You are one stunning creature m'lady.

    I LOVE your friend's beard. Please tell him so.
    Good on you for watching your pennies! Proud of you.

  5. What a fun trip! I've always wanted to go. But what a cold time to go..I'm sure. Our spring has certainly been windy and cold here.

  6. Looks like such fun. Great that you guys have a friend that lives there. Sweet weekend!

  7. That looks like fun and I really enjoyed having a peek at Chicago. It looks dammed cold too! But still beautiful. Your pictures also reminded me a lot of when I was in my twenties because it was always me and a bunch of guys, one being my husband.

    You are so cute I just want to take you home and put you on top of my Christmas tree. Okay, was that creepy? Sorry.

  8. That looks like so much fun! Trey just mentioned that we should go geocaching sometime, which I'm hopeful for! I haven't done it since I lived on campus. ;)

  9. Fun!! I need to get back there soon. I have never taken the mega bus...I see it all the time and wonder what it's like!

  10. Awww...you look so pretty, Sara. I LOVE these scenes from Chicago. I just finished the Divergent trilogy, so I wouldn't mind paying a visit there either.


  11. Spontaneous trips are always a good choice. Rumour has it that the sum will shine this weekend, so maybe a spontaneous trip is in store :) Lovely photos too!

  12. I've only been on Michigan Avenue! Their pizzas are AMAZING! They have such good food. Sara this post makes me want to go back. HaHaHa Fab pictures. Glad you had a great time. Hellish ride home indeed. LOL

  13. Wow! Looks like you had a lot of fun! I love your hat 'n scarf...they are so cute! Enjoyed all the pictures, Sara! Thank you for sharing! =)

  14. One of my favorite cities. When we lived in Memphis we went there often but now being in Virginia it is too far. NYC is much close but there is always a soft spot in my heart for CHICAGO!! I have great friends there. Glad you had fun!!

  15. beautiful photos Sara and beautiful look
    hugs rose jp


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