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Last night I started it, The Purge. I have two giant garbage bags in the basement that need to be sorted into "donate" and "pawning off on friends" piles, but at least all of the drawers close, and I even have spare hangers! woot! I am also going to attempt turning old T-shirts into bags for the farmers market, because whythefuck not.  Guys, I am so serious about all of this spring cleaning, that I have made a hashtag. #SpringCleaning2k14, because hashtags totally make things official and serious, correct? I hate my generation. 

Anyway, Kyle took these photos outside of Great Lakes Coffee on Saturday, my home-away-from home. I think I sneak out there to get coffee on lunch breaks during the workweek at least 2-3 times, as well as stopping in after work. There is often a pink Spark parked on the side street, and I have made it my next mission in life to park Tony next to it. Because PINK CARS YO. 

Jumper & Scarf-Lauren 
Boots, Gloves, Purse, & Coat-Target
Sweater & T-shirt-Hand me downs

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13 Musings

  1. I need to do The Purge so badly!! Sigh. One of these days. Also, how much do I love your coat? Seriously.

  2. YES! Hashtags totally make things official! We are on the same wavelength right now - I conducted 'The Purge' on Tuesday - so proud of myself. :P

    Yay for pink cars! Tony may just have a girlfriend. haha!


  3. Last summer when I went with you was the first time I'd ever gone to Great Lakes. I think about that hot chocolate often. Yay for purging! I did the clothes purge a month or so ago when I cleared out my closet *angels harmonizing in the background* It felt awesome when everything was organized and not just stuffed or lying around somewhere.

  4. You look gorgeous! I did my "spring cleaning" awhile ago when I had to move twice, haha. Once into a new home with my parents and then again when I moved out of the dorms for the last time...

  5. LOL-I'm so old I don't get the purpose of hash tags. I do get that you look totally cute in that outfit and the splash of colour ( I know I'm supposed to say pop of colour but I hate that term ) looks fantastic.

  6. LMAO, yes, our generation sucks, and yet I still get pulled into all of it.. *sigh. Anyway, reading this just reminds me of how much I desperately need to spring clean..maybe this weekend..maybe.

  7. I will be starting my purge this weekend. Something about spring always gets me wanting to get rid and simplify! I love your yellow coat!

  8. I wish I could remember the title..but its this DIY book just on what to do with Tee-shirts. They have one pattern where you just sew the bottom after you cut off the top half and cut some straight lines for handles. I loved the book cover pattern too for paperbacks, as well.

    GO YOU!

  9. In love with that coat. Oh, I wish I were in the mood for spring cleaning!

  10. YES! i has two huge garbages, too. That shit had to go. I called the salvation army, they came by and pick it up. So I know what you're talking about. #springcleaning2k14 (laughing)

  11. HaHa! You are doing it girl! You're my hero and inspiration. Finished one closet myself. I have two bags an a box. Let's get it CLEAN!

  12. Instead of having a good clean out I just bought more coat hangers oops. I did clear a few things out for donation.

    Seriously though, it's not official unless it has a hashtag, those are the generation rules ;)

    ~ K


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