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I have spent the past few weeks working on our guest room because this weekend Lauren is coming to stay! I have been wanting to work on the house for awhile, but something always comes up, so having someone over is a good reason for me to finally get around to this room. 

We had originally planned on using this room as an office, and the other spare room as a library. Then we acquired laptops and almost never use the desktop so we didn't really need a whole second room just for working in, when we tend to sit on the couch or in the kitchen with our laptops anyway. So a guest room it became! 

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This room was relatively cheap to finish. The dresser I bought from a co-worker for $15, the white paint I used on the dresser I had bought with a gift card back in April, the book shelf I bought when I was around 18, the curtains were a total of $4 from Ikea, the rug I took from the bathroom (looked better in this room), the waste basket was from Ikea, most of the collage was thrifted items or gifts, as well as all of the vases and nick-knacks in the room. I used the bunting, the tiny pillows, and window from our wedding in the room. The bed was Kyle's grandmother's, she had it a month or so before she moved into her new apartment and gave it to us. The wood crate we bought for $7 at the cider mill, and the giant bear was a gift from Kyle to me back when I was 16 years old. The pink pillow was made by my bestie, it has a turd on it, of course. The mirror was given to us when my one of our neighbors at the old apartment moved away, and the bed table is a wine rack that I repainted (Kyle had it from when he lived at home still). 

The only things we really spent money on were the paint, and the quilt and pillow sham that we bought from Urban Outfitters. We even got the sheets for really cheap from a mattress store a few years ago when we first moved in, on account of Kyle getting a groupon for them. Score!

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This room is my room (even though the pets have since claimed it). Kyle and I decided that the library was to be his room, and the guest room mine. Mostly because I wanted to make the guest room oober girly, and I did. I guess you can say it has a 1970's, girly-cabin look to it. With all of the YA books in the room, it *almost* looks like a tween room, but I don't care. I think all of the vases and whatnot kinda-almost balance it out. Or at least that is what I am going to keep telling myself. I am happy with it though, and I can't wait for Lauren to come visit! I am sure that this room will become cluttered with stuff once I start working on the other rooms of the house, but such is life. 

So far we have the bathroom, and kitchen finished (even though they need touch-ups). I am not entirely sure what room will be tackled next, but it feels good to be in project mode so I am sure I will figure it out on our budget. 

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14 Musings

  1. Looks like a fantastic place to stay to me! It must be good if the pets approve!

  2. Sara, it is such a cute & fun room! I love it! So cozy and comfy. HAHAHA I see it's cat & doggy approved :D Your guests are going to love it. It's very inviting. They may not want to leave. LOL

  3. Wow, what a beautiful room! I love the story behind everything too, and how well you can stick to a budget and make something beautiful and creative. (I especially like the deadpan expression on the giant bear.)

  4. way cute!! We just did this recently too before we had someone stay. Even thought the room doesn't get used all of the time its nice to have a clean put together room to look at every day hahah


  5. Aw Sara your guest room is so cute and welcoming haha love it!

  6. Such sweet details. I love that you are young at heart too!

  7. Cool and those cat pics of your cats. Great photos on the wall too!

  8. Oh what a great guestroom! I'm sure your friend will enjoy it. Hope you aren't getting any flurries..its getting colder and colder here.

  9. Like everyone else, I love what you did with the room! Seems your cat does, too. :)

  10. Wow! Ever thought of moonlighting as an interior decorator for extra money, Sara? You did such an amazing job on this space! Truth: If I visited your place, I don't think I would remain a guest - I'd never want to vacate that room!

    Also pertinent...kitties and pups - love love!!


  11. I love my new room! You decorated just the way I like it. And you even put up a picture of Hummel figurines. :)


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