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Sideburns and I finally got around to cleaning up the backyard the other week, and that meant harvesting the last of the veggies in the garden. We ended up with a small bunch of broccoli, some Thai chili peppers, and loads of kale. 

Well, we have been consuming it like mad. I don't like wasting food, so after pawning off a fairly large bag of it to my in-laws, I have been trying my best to add kale to our meals. Most often, it is just cooked in a pan with olive oil, sea salt, & cracked black pepper, then added to whatever we are eating (I topped off my veggie burger with it last week, pretty good). Even though there will most likely be more foodie posts including kale in the near future, I decided to do a post of all of the recipes I have used in the past, don't worry, I included two new ones at the end. 


Creamy Kale Pasta- I found this one here on Hello Giggle's website. This one can be kind of a summer-y dish because of the lemon, so if you want to eat it earlier in the year when kale starts leafing out, you have that option. I would go as far as adding twice the amount of kale it suggests myself, but if you only want a little bit, this recipe is a good option. 


One-Pot-Pasta- This was great for camping! But can also be used at home when you want to save on washing a bunch of dishes. This can also be modified with herbs and other veggies (for instance, if you are one of those freaks who likes mushrooms, have at it). Original post can be found here


Kale Pie- I posted this one earlier this year, it can be found  here. It is like a spinach pie, only with kale. If using straight-up kale is too much, you could try mixing half kale, half spinach. I really liked this one because it was a great way to have food throughout the week, so easy to just cut out a slice and heat it up. I am all about convenience, obviously. 


Pesto With Kale- One of my favorite ways to use kale! This was created on a day when I did not have enough basil to make my normal batch of pesto. I added kale, and it came out really good! Plus, it makes it a little healthier, so I felt less guilty when I used giant blobs of this on pasta and pizzas. Recipe can be found  here.

Green Smoothie- Hulk food! A lot of green smoothies are made with spinach, because spinach has little taste to it when added to a smoothie. Kale, well it has that slight bitterness to it that can be recognized anywhere. They key to this? Almond milk. Recipe can be found here

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Tofurkey Sausage Pasta w/Thai Peanut Sauce- This was a creation of leftovers, and apparently Kyle really liked it, because that is a huge-ass serving of it in the above pic. Recipe can be found  here.


Fried Egg Sandwich w/Kale- And now for a couple of new ones. This is super easy, and really tasty. All you do is fry up an egg over medium/over easy (whatever floats your boat), then fry up some kale, about 2-3 leaves. I used olive oil, and some sea salt & crushed black pepper. I put it on toast in this pic, but I like it loads better on an English muffin. If you want less carbs for some crazy reason, you can always try it open-faced and use only one slice of toast. 


Ramen w/Kale & Veggies- Okay, this was one of those "What do we have in the kitchen that I can make a meal out of?" nights. All you need to do is cook a pack of ramen noodles (or 2, if there is more than one person eating it), then in a pan, cook up some kale, carrots, onion, hot peppers, and garlic. Season with sea salt & pepper (or whatever seasonings you may like). If you want to attempt to make this a tad more healthy, try nixing the seasoning packet the ramen comes with. I also thew the ramen in  a pan over medium heat for a few minutes to try firming it up a bit, but it is ramen, and you get what you pay for. I am going to assume that the veggies cancel out the fact that you are eating ramen, correct? ;) 

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  1. Hell yes to more Kale!
    Love the idea of the one pot pasta... need to remember that one for our next camping trip. Plus, who likes cleaning more dishes?

  2. ohmylanta this is perfect!! Everything all in one spot?! Great job lady! I'm saving all of these! :)


  3. i am so trying that Kale pasta! I'm a pasta fanatic, so this is a great option for me. looks awesomely frickin delicious! you're the best Sara!!! thanks!! :D

  4. Kale pesto sounds awesome, I'll have to give it a try! I put it in smoothies all the time and mask the bitterness with cherries. Yum.

  5. Oh..for the love of KALE! Beautiful post. Its a veg that diabetic are suppose to eat a lot of too. I love Kale in the Green Smoothie..that you posted some time ago. I do use that recipe.

  6. That is so wonderful that you get all these goodies from the garden! Love the post!

  7. Really love how you find so many ways to use kale. I must try more of your recipies!

  8. As much as a foodie and chef as I am, I haven't learned how to cook with kale yet -- and I want to given its high nutritional value. You've encouraged me to give it a try. Thanks for the great ideas.

  9. Honestly, I had no clue what kale was until reading this post - but it looks yummy!!


  10. this makes me want to have an all-kale meal week next week. that pie looks so yummy!


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