The IT Crowd

10:30 AM


"Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it on and off again?" 

Couples costumes, did we do it right? If you haven't guessed, Kyle and I went as Moss and Roy from The IT Crowd, to my friend Sara's Halloween party the other week. We actually had a different, sort-of cute costume idea, but then I casually mentioned that it would be fun to go as Moss and Roy. Well Kyle got really excited over that, and since I picked out our costumes last year, I had to cave. The only rule: I had to go as Moss, as he is my favorite. 

IMG_4351 IMG_4350

Our costumes were super easy! I thrifted the shirt from the little boy's section at Value World, I also found some pants there-total was under $6. I already had the shoes and the belt, and I just stole one of Kyle's ties. The wig was $8 at Target, and it took awhile to get that part to stay (I was too chicken to try cutting it). Kyle also found a mug at Value World and we printed out Moss's face to put on it for a prop, I drank beer out of it all night. I kinda wish that I took a pic with my jacket on because I looked even more like Moss in it! 

We just ordered a shirt for Kyle from cafe press, and he is now geeked over his new shirt. He felt a little lazy with his costume, but standing together people who have watched the show knew who we were. I really want to cosplay the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith  for Motor City Comic Con next year, but it would also be really cool to wear these costumes again. Especially since we would probably be among even more dorks.

I read an article a week or so ago online about people in their late 20's, and how they start to move away from the "sexy" costumes in favor of something more creative. I can honestly vouch for that, as this was my favorite costume of my adult life. 


Happy Halloween!

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11 Musings

  1. I LOVE THIS COSTUME!!!! You're the perfect Moss, for reals. Kyle looks great too, but I really love your Moss look! How fun!

    And I would agree, my favorite costume of my adult life was when I was Luigi to my husband's Mario. Way more fun than the sexy Rainbow Brite costume I wore the year before that!

  2. LMFAOOOOO Sara! HAHAHAHAHA That last picture is priceless! You guys are too cute. What a fabulous costume idea. I've ordered from Cafe Press several times. Love them! They're really good. HAPPY HALLOWEEN to the BOTH OF YOU! Love this.

  3. hahahahahah..LOVE IT! You're such a great Moss!

  4. Awe..what an awesome couple you guys make!

  5. two! Really know how to celebrate the best at Halloween!

  6. Ooooh, I feel sort o' hot and bothered meself! lol Um, I'm 50, and still stuck on a sexy costume when I can get

    Dang, I was on hold with tech support for nine hours, but finally tried plugging in my device. Which is what tech support suggested I do the last time...

  7. Best costume of the year. Best!

  8. Love, love, love your costume so much fun and the IT Crowd is such a awesome series.

  9. I have absolutely NO idea what 'The IT Crowd' is, but the two of you look adorable!!


  10. Oh man haha sara this is awesome! you two arethe best


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