Happy (belated) Birthday Blog!

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2009 was a big year for me, I had finally graduated from Oakland Community College and was starting classes at Oakland University in the fall. I was working full time, and taking three college courses, while also trying to do all the normal life things like eat, sleep, and bathe regularly. Oh and I also brought home a puppy that spring. I am not sure why I thought starting up a blog in the middle of all of that was such a great idea at the time, but on October 6th, 2009 I wrote my very first blog post. It was about my shitty car.

Four Five Six

Eventually, this blog morphed into what it is today: a melting pot for all of the things I think are pretty cool. Everything from personal style, to Doctor Who. I am a person with many, many interests, which has lead me to follow several different types of blogs. Foodie blogs, high fashion blogs, product review blogs, fanfic blogs, and the hodge-podge blogs like my own. Through these blogs I have met some amazing people, the first being Lauren. Lauren was the gateway drug to other bloggers, and through her I soon met so many amazing other bloggers, several of them I feel quite comfortable with calling my friends. 

There are also several others who I have never met but talk to through blogging, Facebook, twitter, etc. almost daily. I love interacting with these people and keeping up with what is going on in their lives, which can sound really strange, but it isn't at all. 
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Some of my favorite memories of the recent past have involved bloggers. From fashion shows, to thrifting, picnics, and clothing swaps, all really good times. Tiffany and her sister Whitney accompanied me to stalk meet Hiddles in Detroit last summer. Lauren flew up from California to stand up in my wedding. Blogging/online friends are real friends!

Eight Nine

Although I know that this blog will never be a "big" blog, I still enjoy blogging. I am sure to forget to proofread posts, forget to post actual posts, see typos/mistakes weeks later and go back and correct them even though no one else cares, etc. Blogging is an outlet for me, as well as being a sort-of scrapbook for all of my other interests. I can't believe that I have actually stuck with it for four whole years, but then again, I can be a creature of habit. So thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this blog! I appreciate all of the comments, feedback, and emails I get from you guys. You are all so awesome and amazing :D 


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13 Musings

  1. happy blog birthday sara! it's awesome you've been blogging so long (i did not know). i think it's wonderful all of the people you've met. that's what i like about blogging. you connect with others that share the same interests. i wish you many more. i enjoy reading your blog doll. continue on...

  2. You've been blogging longer than I have! I enjoy your blog a great deal and I hope eventually through travels or who knows what we'll meet in person someday too! Happy blog anniversary!

  3. Awww Happy Blog Birthday! Super cute and can't believe you've been blogging for so long!

    xo - Sheila

  4. Wow you have been blogging for so long! Congratulations :-D

    I love your blog, especially your writing style, and I hope you keep posting!

  5. Happy Birthday, Blog! You're growing into an amazing little creature! One of the reasons I love your blog is there's so much more to it. I know they suggest if you want to make money off of blogging to keep to one subject but one subject is just too boring to write about constantly. Blogging is hard and you're doing an amazing job! Keep up the great work, lady!


  6. Yay! Congrats on your blogging success. Your blog is one of my top favorites. Maybe some day you'll win an award...

    If Lauren was your gateway drug, am I your heroin? :)

  7. Some amazing moments you've had here..and I'm so glad you've shared them with us. Here's to many..many more adventures!

  8. Oh..so fun! Love today's post! Congrads! What a great flashback!

  9. This was great to read your first post! Hope you have a great celebration! Love YOUR blog!

  10. For as long as you blog, I will be following you. I feel as if I know you better than some of my 'real life friends' due to how long I have been reading your posts - love it!! :)

  11. Very nice Sara. Blogging is like a diary I have come to realize. How neat will it be to look back on in 10 years?

  12. aww yey!! Love your blog!! Yey for Lauren being your "gateway drug" to blogging and all that.


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