Little Bits: Summer Endings

10:28 AM


It is supposed to get to 97 degrees today. Yay. I am beyond ready for pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, but it is hard to enjoy it while it is so hot out. A few more days of slurpee's and butter beer flavored ice cream from Treat Dreams, it is amazing, and I am not even that big on ice cream. 

Here are some 'grams from the past few weeks, and by the looks of it, all I do is eat food! Yep, I am one of those instagramers. I like to take pictures of the food I eat, whether I actually made it or not. Also, cats. 

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1) Liam, waiting for tacos at Imperial in Ferndale. 2) Mary Kittens, in all of her glory. 3) My neighbor's car, or as I like to call it: Tony Spark's mom. 4) The Woodward Avenue Brewers in Ferndale. 5) A quick breakfast with Kyle at Red Hook/Pinwheel Bakery in Ferndale 6) Me at work, not working. 7) My other husband, Richard Ayoade, sigh. 8) Trying out some pink wine at the house. 9) A Dingo and a Potato. 

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8 Musings

  1. There is a place that sells Butter Beer Ice Cream!?!? Why am I just hearing about this now?

    We had butter beer in Orlando at Harry Potter World (it's actually called something else but that's what I call it) and it was delicious. Now I want this ice cream.

  2. i think cats and food are universal instagram favorites!!! butter beer ice cream? sounds delish!!

  3. Hurray for cats and food! That's all I Instagram pretty much as well!! And ugh 97 degrees. It was like that here yesterday and is now cooling off so hopefully that's heading your way!

  4. I love that about Tony Spark's Mom! Oh so sweet to see the last of summer snapshots!

  5. Love your lil bro's hat! I hope it cools off soon. I've been sweating buckets lately!!!

  6. your neighbor's car is cool. my mom had a volkswagon beetle (1st car). she loved it. i always like to see it in pink & blue. sara, it's hotter there than down here. LOL we're in the 90's and i agree it's so hard getting into fall. thanks for letting me use the link. i'll use it when i go to the next farmer's market.

  7. It's 100 here...and will be until November. We usually have Thanksgiving in shorts.

  8. Seriously...I am so with you on the please-please-please-cool-down-and-be-fall-already thing. I am so over summer right now - I need my boots!! :P


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