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Pesto Remix

Since our garden has been doing pretty awesome this year, I have been trying my best to utilize it to its fullest potential. Basil is something that tends to grow very well, so aside from adding a few leaves here and there to dishes, I like to make batches of pesto. Pesto is my favorite pasta and pizza topping, it also tastes great as a dip, and I sometimes add it to scrambled eggs and sandwiches. A little while back, I posted a basic recipe that I like to use: 


-Basil, about two cups firmly packed.
-Walnuts or Pine nuts, about a half-cup.
-2-3 garlic cloves.
-2/3 + cup extra virgin olive oil.
-Salt & pepper to taste
-Parmesan cheese.

*Mix the basil, garlic, walnuts and about 2/3 cup of olive oil in a blender, until it resembles a thick sauce. Remove from blender and add more olive oil (I kinda drizzled it along until I felt it was enough). Add cheese & salt and pepper.

Now that I have been eating feta (easier on my system, and cheaper), I usually sub it for the Parmesan cheese. 

pesto 005

We planted kale, a lot of kale, and it flourished! I have been giving it away to family, as well as making green smoothies. I had decided to add two or three leaves of it to my pesto mix (upping the walnuts to  2/3 cups and adding a little extra olive oil), and it came out great! Kale is super healthy, and it did not alter the taste much, if any at all.

We also grew some spicy oregano, so I added a few sprigs of that=awesome sauce! Just make sure to pick the leaves off of the stem when you add it, and to chop the kale. Your blender will thank you later (or at least not die, like mine is close to doing). 

 pestoFOURPesto 3

Finally, I have been crazy-addicted to the farmer's market the past few weeks and ended up with a giant batch of carrots. When I was washing them up at home, Kyle and I were wondering if carrot stems could be used for anything, sure enough, pesto! I washed them up, chopped them up and added them to my basic pesto recipe with feta cheese (about two cups of carrot stems) and a little more olive oil. You can chop the ends of the stems off and just use the leafy side if you prefer, as the stems can be a little bitter, but I chose not to since I already know kale is bitter. It came out really good! I have also heard that you can do the same with radish stems, so if you are making pesto and want to mix things up, or in our case utilize some extra greens that you have lying around, try one of these out. Nom Nom Nom.  

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6 Musings

  1. So cool about the carrot stems! This looks so yummy.

    I made a icy freeze last night, a basil lemonade. It was so easy..We have fresh basil too. Such an interesting taste.

    It takes 2 limes..or lemon and a lime, 1/8 to 1/4 cup of fresh basil, 1/4 cup of sugar and 3 to 4 cups of ice. We made ours in an old vitamix that used to be my grandparents.

  2. Awesome that you found a new use for everything Sara! You're good! There's a farmer's market here I want to go to. When I get there, I'll feature it on my blog :D

  3. I am loving pesto too. It's perfect for so many dishes and basil is easy to grow!!

  4. Pesto is my favorite dish of all time. Item 47 on my bucket list is trying yours.

  5. I wish we had a farmer's market in my area - I feel I would be more apt to use fresh veggies and fruits in food if a farmer's market were an option. :/

    This looks yum!! :)


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