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Last week when I went to Target for the last of the goodies we needed for the party on the fourth, I was beyond pleased to discover that they had 3 different kinds of brown-rice pasta! Of course it was on clearance, so they probably won't carry it for much longer (boo!) but I bought 3 bags to stock up. I had left-over veggies and turkey sausage and a butt-load of pesto from last week so I made this yummy dish. 

1 package noodles (I used gluten-free/brown rice spiral noodles)
2 jumbo turkey sausage links, sliced
1/3 chopped onion
Assortment of red/yellow peppers (mine were small, I used about 8), sliced
*1 cup pesto 
1/2 cup feta, chopped
1 hot pepper (I used a **ghost pepper) optional

*I used my own pesto recipe (you can find it here), but I added 2 cups of chopped kale, a sprig of spicy oregano, and subbed the Parmesan cheese for feta. 

**The ghost peppers we grew in our garden looked ready according to the internet, but they did not seem very spicy to me. So I am guessing that they were not ready yet. 

Okay! So, cook the pasta according to the instructions on the package. Meanwhile, heat a large skillet with some spray or a little olive oil. Add the chopped onions, stir for a minute. Then add the sausages. Mine were already cooked, so I was basically re-heating them, but if you are cooking them completely, just keep stirring  until they are done. Then add the peppers, and the hot peppers. Drain the pasta when it is done, and put back in the pot. Add the sausage and veggie mix, stir until mixed well with pasta. Then add the pesto and feta. mix well and eat!

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8 Musings

  1. that is always a yummy dish!

  2. Oooh!! So glad you posted this! My boyfriend is obsessed with pesto (I'm allergic) but I'm gonna steal this recipe and make it for him. Our ghost pepper plant isn't doing as well as I'd like. Kinda disappointed. :(


  3. oops...I love how you find things to make do..and they are also good for you.

  4. This looks so yummy for summer! :)


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