Eats: Christmas Cookies!

10:30 AM

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The holidays are sadly over and done with, but I took pictures of ALL the Christmas cookies! Okay, I lied, there were so many cookies I had them in piles all over the kitchen and living room, took some to the neighbours, family, and three plates each to both of our parent's houses. COOKIES. So here are the recipes/kinds that I used:

We made three batches of Oatmeal Scotchies, I did a post on them back here. Next were Nutella cookies, a recipe I got from Kalie's blog. These were a favorite, it was hard for me not to eat them all. The last are my personal favorite; Peanut butter chocolate chip, the first cookies I ever baked, with help from my Grannie. 

There you go, a post dedicated to diabetes cookies. 

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7 Musings

  1. Oh wow, such a great foodie post!

  2. So YUMMY! Wow, that's a lot of cookies!

  3. Love the recipes! Thanks for posting them!

  4. COOKIE!!! Nom nom nom. I love cookies!

  5. Wow, its a great time of year for cookies..its like this at our house too.

  6. I feel sorry for all the gingerbread men cookies I ate these Holidays.

    Happy New Year, Sara! <3

  7. I love cookies! HAHAHA These look yummy girl. Thanks for the recipe!


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