Eats: October Eats!

7:45 AM

It's not news to anyone that I love food. The weeks leading up to the wedding were the worst, Kyle and I basically ate take-out because we were so busy and scattered all of the time. I have been making up for lost time in my kitchen lately, and the other rooms are getting jealous. Here are a few items that we have been feasting on:


Veggie Soup-I made this soup once before, it was a recipe I found on Hello Giggles. I subbed the red pepper flakes for chili peppers, and it came out nice and spicy, but not so much so it was impossible to eat. I added a little cheese on top, and it was awesome sauce! This makes a GIANT batch, so I shall be eating it for the next week, but I am a soup-freak so I am not going to complain. 


Kale Pasta- This may seem more of a summer dish, but after harvesting the last of the kale from the garden, I decided to try out another recipe I saw earlier this year on Hello Giggles. I really loved this pasta, and it was so easy to make! I honestly think next time I will use even more kale, because it's good for you, and it tastes really good in this pasta.

Spicy Goulash- One of my favorite comfort-food dishes! I used my usual goulash recipe, but instead of cayenne pepper, I added fresh chilli peppers from our garden. I added 3 of them, and it was hot! But, I love spicy food, so this was perfect for my crazy-ass.


Pesto Pizza- This was a very simple pizza, I used regular pizza crust from the store, and topped it with my own home-made pesto, tomatoes & chilli peppers from our garden, and some parmesan cheese. I tweaked my own pesto recipe by adding two cups of chopped kale to the mix, it came out amazing! I am going to have to remember to do that next year when I make up large batches of it. 


 Pumpkin Pie- I followed this recipe, however, I used yogurt instead of heavy whipping cream. I also did not have any nutmeg so I added a small scoop of Trader Joe's pumpkin spread to the mix. The first pie I made, I did not put the filing in the blender because I had pesto in it, and tried to blend it by hand-nope. This pie I made sure to blend and it came out perfect!

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17 Musings

  1. The Pesto Pizza looks awesome! I have never even tried pesto before, but I want to eat that entire thing right now! :P

  2. The pasta looks totally amazing and the pizza also.

  3. Owooo Sara I loved chili, and pasta, delicious

    Kisses rose jp

  4. Yum! These pictures are making me hungry! Although I'm not much for pumpkin pie believe or not. I like pumpkin bread though!

  5. These all look so drool-worthy! Recipes??

  6. yum, yum, yum! everything looks so good! that kale pasta and veggie soup - i need them right now!

  7. I'm a big fan of spicy food too. I usually put jalapenos on my pizza plus red pepper flakes.

  8. That soup looks so yummy!

    What a beautiful foodie adventure you took us on!

  9. Really lov'n this. Such a great pesto pizza! Its all so pretty!

  10. Everything looks delicious, I'd love a bit of that pesto pizza.

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  12. Such a yummy pie! I must try that.

  13. I frequient Hello Giggles, too! I love all the food! It made me feel so hungry!

  14. The Kale pasta looks SOOOO Good!


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