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Marianne Faithful

Ever since high school, I have wanted long, pretty hair. Hair that can be curled, worn up, or braided into cool twists all over my head. I also wanted my hair to be every single color under the sun and did color it as many colors as I could. Note: Dye, especially box dye, damages your hair. Whatever, I was a reckless teenager!..and also a reckless 20-something. I finally stopped coloring it back in the fall of 2010. I have been trimming it on my own, and although I have a ton of split-ends, all of the virgin hair has grown in nicely. Back to the long hair, I have always wanted it. However, as of late, I cannot help but pine for shorter lengths. I blame the cute fashion-bloggers with their adorable locks that I see on a regular basis in the blogosphere. The bonus to short hair? Besides quicker showers and fast-styling? Kyle loves short hair. Not chin-length bobs, he really digs the pixie-cut. Which is awesome because even when I mention trimming my bangs at work the guys fearfully exclaim: "Don't cut your hair! Grow it long!". So what do I do? Thankfully, the dress I bought for my wedding is suited for longer hair. How? I have no idea, it just is. So, I am going to let it grow out until the wedding to see if long hair is everything I dreamed it would be. After September 30th, if I am still in love with short locks, I am going to get it professionally hacked. Until then, here is some short-hair inspiration: 

50s Pixie haircut 04

1)Twiggy 2)Michelle Williams 3)Mandy Moore 4)Fefe Dobson 5)Emma Watson 6)Shannyn Sossamon 7)Audrey Hepburn 8)Audrey Tautou 9)Carey Mulligan.

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  1. I'm a long hair girl myself. I don't have the face/bone structure to have short hair but I do love it. The picture of Mandy Moore is my favorite. When she showed up at whatever awards show it was all those years ago with that cut, I was SO tempted to chop my hair off to mimic it. I think it's a great pixie cut because it's has length to it despite being a short hair cut.

  2. Hi Sara!!!

    his face is so cute with long hair or short will be beautiful anyway.

    kisses rose jp

  3. Go for the Mandy Moore 'do. Oh, how adorable you would look with that style, Sara! :)

  4. I so love Caret Mulligan's style which of course, makes me think of Michelle Williams. I have no idea how she gets away with that cut.

    That's so cool that Kyle likes short hair. Lots of guys always want "long hair"..I have an older co-worker, who would love to cut her hair short. At her age..her hair is really limpy!

  5. Wow, can't wait to see what you do. There are some very cool and modern bobs!

    Of course, with really short hair, it might take some getting used to..too.

  6. Even Olivia Thirlby..aka Megan has gone for a really short haircut (however, because of it..some think she's gone lesbian too) Mae Whitman has also gone short hair as well.

    Good luck on finding the right cut. Some hairdressers won't cut your hair too short.

  7. I personally love my hair ever since I decided to cut it - short hair is awesome in my opinion!

    Courtney ~

  8. I'm pretty sure you need a pixi!!!! I have been yearning to chop all my hair off (it's gotten insanely long) but my husband has basically kindly requested I not go shorter than my chin! Do it so I can vicariously live through your haircut :)

    Also my fb page is here:

    XO Lori

  9. I have only had a couple of short haircuts in my life, and they have been chin length at the shortest. I just love long hair. Since mine has grown out again, I have been so happy!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. i have no guts to go so short :(

  11. I'm one of those adorable short haired blogger ladies. Right?
    I love short hair, but I think you have the right idea, grow it out for the wedding and then BAM; you should chop it all off. You don't want to risk totally hating your hair on your wedding day :P
    I think you'd look pretty great in something like that Carey Mulligan cut, it's got a little length on top but keeps it shorter in the back.

  12. You could definitely be a pixie! I just got my hair chopped off. Thanks for inspiring me.

  13. As much as I love pixie cuts, I don't think I could ever bring myself to do it. I love my long hair, but gosh darn it, Emma Watson really makes me wish I could pull off a pixie cut just as well! xx

  14. People are always really shocked when I tell them I trim my own bangs too. Like i'm a daredevil or something. lol

  15. It must be a guy thing. My BF has been begging me to grow my hair out; over the course of two years, my hair is now down to the middle of my back. AND I WANT TO SHAVE IT ALL OFF ARGH.

    Actually, I want a pixie cut, but I don't know what wouldn't make my round face look...rounder, I guess. I think that's what's stopped me so far. I definitely want to get it cut soon because my hair is getting completely unmanageable, though...

    I just wish guys would stop asking us ladies to grow our hair out. It is so annoying! :P

  16. I think you'd look so cute with a messy crop like Shannyn Sossamon's! :)

    I always hack my hair off, it's too much of a temptation! I'm growing mine too, ready for whenever I get married haha!


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