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At some point in my life, around two years ago, I created a Polyvore account and then immediately neglected it. Yesterday I returned to it, and lost about 6 hours of my life-but in a good/creative way. The sets I’ve made are pretty simple, but I ended up liking them enough in the end to share with you lovely readers. Of course the girly side of my brain decided to morph with my nerdy side and what you have here is the result: Buffy The Vampire Slayer outfits!


First up we have the slayer in all her glory: Vamp-killing basics. Creating a modern-Buffy outfit was a little challenging at first because I could not think of anything I would wear myself, but eventually I came up with this: Skinny jeans, preferably ones with some stretch, a basic-yet cute little black top, and the required cross necklace. Buffy signature look is complete with a black leather jacket and carefully painted nails-even though they will just become caked with blood. Just to give vampire slaying some fun, add some heels! Makes fighting a little more difficult, but it really completes the look.  


Willow on the other hand, I can relate too. Through the seven years she battled monsters and demons with the Scooby gang, she alternated between her comforting dork attire-cords & cardigans, and cute full-length skirts. As soon as maxi-dresses hit stores a few years ago, I thought of Willow. Paired with a longer cardigan and some cute beads, she is good to go. On nights when she is staying in, researching some spells or what not, I put her in some skinny cords, something I personally want to acquire, and colorful shoes to show off her quirk

Giles is a dude, I know, but I can’t help but pine for tweed items when I think of his wardrobe. If you are going for the watcher/librarian look, stock up on the tweed and simple, classic button-ups. Get some oxfords or loafers, for the hours you will be on your feet, chasing demons down, and researching. A giant bag is also in order; you are going to have to haul all the extra weapons possible to keep up with the slayer since you don’t have super powers. You will also need a watch, since you are the only punctual one, a notebook to jot down ideas last-minute, and caffeine, so load up on the tea.
Dru & Spike

Dru & Spike are both ones for a signature look. Drusilla would love anything that resembles the Victorian era, especially with gothic elements. She also loves the simplicity of baby-doll dresses, and pretty jewelry. Spike on the other hand, he misses the 80’s. To get his look, lots of black and occasionally red will do. Anything acid-washed, ripped or industrial will work as well. You are going to need a long, black leather coat, paired with ass-kicking boots, these are essential. You might also want to bleach your hair like Billy Idol-even if Spike rocked it first.
Buffy fangirl

And if all else fails, just do what every Buffy fan does: load up on awesome T-shirts and become a fan girl! You might want to invest in a leather jacket for good measure

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  1. Sara you are officially my favorite person! Buffy style - love it! I literally go through phases in my life where I ask myself "Would Buffy wear this?" before buying/wearing certain outfits. Totally true. :)

  2. Have I ever told you that I love you!?

    The Buffy selection is definitely something I would wear. I always watched her clothing and Faiths and tried to dress like them.

    I have a feeling I'll be watching Buffy soon. lol

  3. Awesome finds! Love the Buffy inspiration. Even Giles wardrobe is amazing! I so love the Willow Maxi dress though!

  4. great post and photos !!!:) love this outfits:)
    please visit me in free time:)

  5. Love all the outfits you made. You should make sets for Xander and Anya too. I really liked Anya's vintage inspired style and her outfit in the season 6 finale is one of my favorites.

  6. So love this post! Great attire for every character!

  7. Oh so cool. These are great! Love the bag in the Giles pics.

  8. Love the T-shirt I'd love to have that.

  9. You really got the characters well in these outfits.

    Lov'n the maxi dress!

  10. Buffy is the best. Great inspo outfits. Love the styling that you did. Great post.

  11. Fantastic post! Your blog is brilliant!!!! You are amazing! Have a great weekend!!! :-)


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