Little bits: DIA

8:30 PM

I already did a post back in September on the DIA, but Kyle had taken a few really cool pictures on Saturday and I thought I would share them. I would be willing to bet that you guys will see some more posts like this in the future, as we have a membership that is good for four people and we have a few friends who want to go and we never get tired of going...especially if there is a trip to Avalon bakery after.

greentea 014
greentea 028
greentea 013

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10 Musings

  1. Hi Sara ...beautiful photos
    kisses rose jp

  2. These were cool. I loved the one with the snow.

  3. These are so great. I'm so glad you guys took these.

  4. I love the statue one. The perspective is very cool.

  5. I love the DIA i wish i can go there more offend great pictures

  6. Awesome photos! Hope you have a sweet weekend!

  7. Loving the patterns of the last photo the most. :)

    Have a great weekend.


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