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Xmas 039

Xmas 037

Even though it was a green Christmas, this year's was still a great one. Kyle and I spent a little time with both of our families-so convenient that they live down the street from each-other, and we ate way too much food. I am afraid to even look at the scale! My parents bought us clothes, cooking supplies, pajamas and a really tacky wall ornament that I love. We also got a gift card to the grocery store from Kyle's mom, as well as Tigers hats and some cardigans. I posted on facebook awhile back that I never met a cardigan that I didn't like, so Kyle's mom took it as a challenge to find me some ugly cardigans at the salvation army, the funny thing is, I actually really like all of the ones she got me, haha.  I am sure that you will see them styled up on this blog eventually, in the meantime, here is my awesome Christmas sweater again. I couldn't help it, with no snow, I had to wear something more Christmasy.

Xmas 040

Xmas 044

This week has been super productive and fun already. Last night, Kyle and I went to Target to buy a new TV, and Kyle somehow convinced me to get a huge one. It's not really that big, but to me it is, I feel like I am in a movie theater. I am bummed because I worked my butt off all day at work, then rushed to the Secretary of State to get my tabs-they were never mailed to my house, so I have been driving on expired tabs since October, whoops. Then cleaned out my car, ran inside to make dinner and I was all set to watch a movie while I blogged and I have no idea how to program the remote. I spent ten minutes playing around with it before I gave up. I still have laundry to do and some cleaning so I guess it was for the best anyway, but still. 

Xmas 043

Right now I am really motivated to start my resolutions for 2012. I have been organizing, and brain-storming all day and I am ready to end this year with friends and family, and to start the new year fresh.

Tights & Earrings-Target

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17 Musings

  1. Hi I loved his sweater,
    kisses rose jp

  2. cute sweater. It definitely makes up for the lack of snow. My husband is trying to convince me that we need to upgrade our living room tv and make it bigger. I feel like its already huge.I mean how much bigger can they make these things?!

  3. A brown Christmas here..so mild..and so strange. Love your sweater!

  4. Always love a cardigan! Beautiful holiday outfit!

  5. Such cute earrings! Oh, you guys made out so well for Christmas! I hope you sport some of your cardigans in upcoming post! Love this red sweater.

  6. I so love that song "mouthwash"...

    Love the earrings!

    Sounds like you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

  7. New tv's are so hard to figure out. I absolutely LOVE that Christmas sweater, but I am looking forward to seeing what you do with the "ugly" ones too :)
    xoxo glad to hear you had a lovely Christmas

  8. Loving the Christmas look! Jon recently talked me into getting a big TV too!

  9. Ooh, your Christmas sweater looks too cozy for words, Sara - love it! :)

  10. Glad to hear that, while being productive, you're relaxing a bit and taking time to hang out with family and friends. And blog.

    Your first picture stunned me. I don't know what it is, Sara, but you're so darn cute I want to hug you. Unfortunately, my arms aren't that long...

  11. Cute jumper! Really like the earrings too xx

  12. you are so cute. i love this sweater and can't wait to see the ones you got for christmas. the detailing at the top of this sweater and the print is so festive. sounds like you got great gifts. we use to have a tube television and transitioned to a huge flat screen...it is like the movies...enjoy it!

  13. I love the sweater and the earrings!

  14. your earrings are too cute. i actually have a similar story. used my mother in law's ugly sweater to wear to a party and everyone there thought it looked pretty good. so now it's in my closet as a regular sweater. :)

    Happy New Year!

  15. you look pretty in red, sara! i love your sweater and earrings. so cute :) i have same new year resolution with u, btw, hehehe. happy new year! :))

  16. I haven't any sweaters at all but yours is so splendid!!


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