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As you can see here, we have had some rain this month. These pics are from over a week ago but I am just now getting them posted because I am slow. I received this dress at the Ann Arbor blogger meet-up that was hosted by Suze, a few weeks back. The lovelies from Speedy Girl hooked us all up with an item of clothing to style up for a contest they are hosting and Suze actually picked out this adorable dress for me! I had honestly wanted to style it up a little fancier at first, but the rain just would not quit! Then, on this brisk Saturday morning I decided to risk photos, with the appropriate boots & umbrella in tow in case of sprinkles and it didn't rain! It was just extremely windy.

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I have been in such a girly mood lately, I think it is all of the fall fashion! I want to go shopping but I am super broke. I have two Groupons that I can use up still, and I have some items that are waiting to be styled. I have somehow accumulated more and more classic-girly-preppy items for work and I am having fun pairing them up with my casual items on the weekends. I have also lost a few pounds from my vacation weight, so that is motivating me to dress a little nicer. I have come to the conclusion that this extra weight I have slowly put on, came from different occasions in the past few years. When I graduated from OCC, I was pretty small and healthy. Then I put on a few at OU, so there is the OU weight. It wasn't very much and I did not think much of it. Then came the house, I have put on over five pounds since moving in the house. I blame living in walking distance from three pizza places. Then there was the vacation weight, a few more that I put on over the summer, and all of it adds up. I am slowly losing it though, one pound at a time. I do need to splurge on some workout gear though, you can only wear your leggings so many times the the YMCA before they are just converted into gym clothes.

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Is everyone else ready for Halloween? I am pumped! I love autumn holidays, they are my favorite! Our house is decked out with orange lights and pumpkins, some hand-me-down decorations from Kyle's Mom and they look so cool. So far there is only one other house with decorations up on our street but there are a ton on Oak Park Blvd so I might have to take Louie for a walk down that way!

For now, we are settled in the house watching the game, Go Tigers!

Dress-c/o Speedy Girl
Duck belt-Thrifted

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23 Musings

  1. Oh hey morton salt girl!! You look adorable.

  2. so adorable! Love the wellies!

  3. What a great outfit. Love the dress.

  4. This post gives me Coraline vibes

  5. You look cute, cute, CUTE!!

  6. Your boots are such an amazing colour!!! :D I also love the dress, it looks good on you :)

  7. Hey sweet! did not know you but I really like your blog! now you're going to see much here!
    I invite you to visit the mine and follow me if you like.!

    a kiss Claire.

  8. Oh!! That umbrella! That dress! Those boots! What a cute outfit.

    I'm glad you've been in a girly mood: when you go feminine, there's nobody cuter.

    I share your affection for Halloween. Just bought two pumpkins, one for the table and another to carve today. I plan to try an unusual carving effort.

  9. such a great dress, love it with the wellies!

  10. I love what how you styled this dress! The neckline is darling. It's such a fun look.

  11. Love the belt ;)

    Thanks for stopping darling,



  12. You look so cute! It seems like every part of the U.S had some sort of rain last week.

  13. Like other readers said - 'adorable' The yellow wellies are the icing on the top!

  14. I just shot an outfit with my rain boots too! I figured since it's been raining way to much I should post something with them. I can't say that I'm running about the city without rain boots cause that would be a lie. I love this outfit, super girly and super friendly to rainy weather!

    Pounds just creep up on you don't they? But at least you're losing them the way you want to and not by crash diets that just make you grow bigger anyway. Yay for a pound at a time :D

  15. wow incredibly those boots!

  16. Aw, I absolutely love this dress and how you styled it. The yellow rain boots make everything so cheery despite the rainy weather. I'm one of those gals who's weight fluctuates as well. I am still having one heck of a time dropping my post preggo weight ..65 lbs total!! The last 20 have been a beast, so I too get so excited when I lose 1 or 2. Pilates have been helping tremendously though. Anyhow...You look so pretty as always. Definitely my favorite of yours to date:)

  17. SO sweet. you look like the Morton Salt girl!!!!!
    I am not a fan of umbrellas (because I like getting wet in the rain) but you make me want to get under that umbrella to stay safe from the rain with these sweet shots!

  18. really nice boots and umbrella!

    xx, Sabinna and David

  19. I love your outfit!
    That combo of the dress and boots is perfect!


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