eShaki Discount Code!

5:33 PM

Hey everyone, just a little quickie-post to let you in on a really cool offer from eShaki! I reviewed one of their dresses on an earlier post, but you can also check out their shop that is choc-full of cute clothing! 

Right now She is Sara readers can get $20 off of their purchase at eShaki when you enter the code CHUBBYLUMPKIN0811. This offer is good until October 31st!


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5 Musings

  1. Sweet tits. :)

    and my word verification is "panits"

    so I edit my statement to
    Sweet panits. :)

    <3 your Lauren

  2. very nice honey!


  3. that's a great tip! love this shop, rally cute things :) btw, now following!



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