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While in Canada last weekend, Kyle and I headed out to Pelee Island! I had been to Point Pelee National Park before, but not the island. It is actually very close to Sandusky Ohio, and surrounded by one of the great lakes, Lake Erie. We took a huge ferry boat there from Kingsville Ontario and it took about an hour and a half. I had never been on a ferry boat so huge before, it actually hauled cars on the bottom deck along with all of our bikes. The only other ferry boats I had been on before were the ones to Mackinac Island and to Boblo Island (which doesn't exist anymore). 

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The island itself is about 23 miles around and is used primarily for farmland, although there is a cemetery and a vineyard on the island. There are some  shops and restaurants spread throughout the island, as well as roadside stands and nature trails. There are also a lot of people who live on the island so there is also a school and a few supply stores. Bikes are a major source of transportation on the island and are considered vehicles so each one has to include reflectors and a bell and riders have to signal when they pass just like motor vehicles.

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Biking along Lake Erie reminded me of Mackinac so much! It started out so cold that morning but the temperatures quickly rose to 75 degrees and it was perfect. Every single beach house and cabin we passed along the ride we wanted to buy haha. One of my favorite things we stopped for on our ride was the Stone-man. He was designed by the students of Pelee Island school in 2009 as a "stone testament to island perseverance". So we gave him some love. 

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This tree was very photogenic as you can see. The next stop was the Pelee Island light house! As soon as we saw it on the map we knew we had to check it out. We biked all the way to the first point of the island and then we took a little trail on foot to get to the beach. We spent a good fifteen minutes or so just skipping rocks before we got to the lighthouse, it was a lot of fun! I am so easily entertained, throw rocks at the water? sure!

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We then proceeded to bike the rest of the island, hike a nature trail and then head back to town. We thought the ferry left at 6pm, but it didn't leave until 8pm. We then decided to bike out to get something to eat for dinner and ended up biking all the way back across part of the island. We had yummy veggie pizza and bean salad from a little shop and also picked up some molasses cookies from a roadside stand(which were amazing!). We biked all the way back to town again and decided to grab a beer and wait for the ferry to arrive. We also tried a drink called a Caesar, which is very similar to a Bloody Mary, I think the only difference is they put pickle juice in it and salt the rim of the glass. When we went to Sarnia Bay fest last year, people were ordering them like crazy so we thought we'd give 'em a try. It was pretty good, but I think I will stick to my beer.

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The "we just biked over 30 miles on gravel and up and down hill" pic. It was so funny, at the bar/restaurant we were waiting at, these drunk women came up to us and yelled at us for reading at the bar instead of talking to each other! I was (still am) reading Ulysses and they told me James Joyce was boring. Geez! We just laughed at them and headed to the boat. We ended up sitting on a bench on the back of the boat all by ourselves for the ride home so it was like we had our own private area! It was the perfect ending to the perfect day.

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  1. Awesome photos!!!! You trip looks like so much fun!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. Cool! I love places like this. Their remoteness and sparce population are nice changes from our normal lives. And bicycles are a fun way to travel. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So beautiful. Man, after all that biking I would have slept like a rock!

  4. What an interesting drink. I actually pickle juice too. So many wonderful pictures!

  5. What a fun vacation! That's a lot of exercise for you 2. That's amazing.

    Love your post!

  6. This is so cool. Really beautiful country. This must have been so much fun. Great adventure!

  7. Its great to see you guys doing things together like this. And that water! Just gorgeous.

  8. I love these photos! Look like you guys had a great time!
    First photo is so cute!


  9. I love these photos! Look like you guys had a great time!
    First photo is so cute!


  10. these photos! I want to go on an adventure like this one!

  11. Ohh it looks so pretty! The bike riding sounds like such fun!

    Lost in the Haze

  12. Ohmigosh a shoe tree! This is like something out of a dream! :P

  13. Next time your in Canada, come to PEI! haha <3

  14. This looks like an amazing place to bike and take pictures. I can't imagine how wonderful it must have been to be there in person!!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  15. whata nice trip and a great place man awesome!

  16. Such nice scenery. Looks like you guys had a swell trip. :) The bike riding sounds so fun.


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