Something Borrowed

10:15 AM

If any of you fashion bloggers have been following Idee Geniale's blog, you would have seen this outfit post a few days ago: 
 I saw this out fit and thought to myself "hey I think I can do that" and so I ransacked my closet this week to come up with my own version of her adorable outfit. I have here another pair of pants from the Salvation Army (that I snagged for $3) and a sweater from F21 (about 3 years ago). Not only did I borrow the look from Mel, but to complete this outfit, I had to borrow a grey tank from Kyle and his dress socks. Voila: my version.
The hardest part of the outfit was the hair. Mel's is shown a little looser (and really cute) but my hair is shorter and the only way to get it to stay was to spray on the hairspray. I really liked the scarf under the headband though, made it look a little more unique. 
Kyle even took a close-up to show of the necklaces. The little silver one is from my friend Anne, it says "Paris" on it and opens up (we took French together and we are obsessed with going to France now).  The second is an owl necklace that my friend Mariah picked out at F21 on Sunday. :)

Want a random fact? One random fact post coming up: I never thought of it as a big deal, until recent incidents. Now, when I post something on facebook, people who do not know me, ask my friends if my name is my real name. No one even knew who HE was until the "Rick-Roll" phenomena, but my last name is Astley. I have a great Uncle in Canada who swears that the Astley clan is related to the 80's pop singer, but I have yet to see real proof, I only have his word. However, if there is some proof that I can share with you guys, I will be more than happy to at that point. For now, I blame my super-rich, shared-a -great-grandfather-with-freaky haired cousin for the you tube incident. (Even though teenagers are the most likely suspect.)

Sweater & necklace-F21
Tank & socks-Kyle
Pants-Salvation Army
Shoes-Second Skin's Etsy 

To-do list:
Finish Homework
Clean Apartment
Buy Groceries


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12 Musings

  1. I really like both looks! I especially love your shoes/slacks combination. You look amazing!

  2. Oh it looks great! I love creating style chains!

  3. weeeeeeeee! i love rick astley! he's a redheaded dreamboat! x

  4. Haha -- I wouldn't quite say that "no one" knew who Rick Astley was; people of my generation most certainly did, even before the Rick-Roll phenomenon!

    Love that owl pendant; so cute!

  5. wow its funny b/c her outfit was inspired by carrie mulligan, so its one long inspiration chain

  6. I LOVE THAT SONG! Haha. It was on Family Guy and ever since it's my go-to 'hey I wanna dance and be silly' tune :D
    I wish I could view the video "The video contains content from Vevo who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds" Awww.

    Now, look at you! You look freaking adorably pretty Sara! I love navy on you. Your hair, those shoes. The subtle little changes you had to make for an even better colour palette if you ask me. You look awesome :D Love seeing your outfit posts - I really wish I had outfits worth showing off, but seriously - I'm in shorts and tshirts every day it is so freaking hot here all the time. City next year = more layers! :D

  7. I love your interpretation on that outfit, you put your own unique spin to it!

  8. Ohmigosh Sara you recreated this look perfectly! I absolutely adore it! Now I want to recreate it myself, as well! And that video is fabulous; that would be so cool if you really were related to him!! :)

  9. You look so cute!
    I don't mind being "Rick-Rolled" once in awhile. :P

  10. ah i loved that look from mel and i love it on you! cute oxfords!


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